This contract would be in between THE LUXO and the client(s). This contract is active throughout the session for all the service(s) required from THE LUXO's behalf that is including photography, videography, setups and all things related as agreed upon from the discussion prior to the proceeding to the project confirmation stage. This contract also limits the liability for THE LUXO and the client(s) should be aware on every aspect of the contract.

Client(s) should be responsible in providing all information and details needed during the enquiry phase to make sure the project will run smoothly as intended. Time, date, location, full name, phone number and email are among the details that is needed to be informed to THE LUXO.

THE LUXO will still retain and bear rights upon all the photos and videos produced. Purchasing the rights of the products is allowed and will be discussed between both parties. Failure to comply, THE LUXO reserve the right to make a proceeding in accordance to the law without any prior notice, and all cost will be borne by the client. This include all the behind-the-scene taken by THE LUXO before, during, and after the photoshoot session.

THE LUXO retained the right to use any of the photo(s) and/or video(s) for publicity purpose and advertisements either offline or online, and generally promote the business in advertisements, website, article, magazine and other related form of publications.

RM300 from the sum total of the total payment upfront after agreeing to terms and conditions listed here. The deposit is made to secure and confirm the date of the shooting with THE LUXO. Please note that in the circumstances of any situation, there will be no reimbursement or refund.

Deposit made upfront and the remaining payment would be done three days before shooting session. All payments made to THE LUXO is final and will not be returned under any circumstances. In the event of cancellation of event, abandonment or refuse to make payment as agreed upon in the contract, THE LUXO reserve the right to make a proceeding in accordance to the law without any prior notice, and all cost will be borne by the client.

It is understood by all parties involved with the contract that SOFT COPIES OF EDITED PHOTOS of the event coverage would be delivered within 14 business days after events have commenced, and 2-3 months of allocated production time for the VIDEO AND HARD COPY PRODUCTS. Any changes in the timeline would be depend on the current schedule of THE LUXO and will be updated with the client from time to time closing to the 2-3 days before the end of the timeline.

THE LUXO reserve the right to end the contract due to the fact of late payment and/or the failure of providing all the related information or the disregard in accordance of the contract, within the aforementioned duration of said contract. In the event of the client want to cancel the contract, they need to pay and settle the outstanding payment as agreed upon, only then the contract will be ended.

All images and/or videos will be processed and all is final. The first amendment is allowed in within 2 weeks time after shooting date, but any additional amendments will be charged accordingly. All soft copies of the files will be delivered in the highest resolution of JPEG, MP4, MOV format only. In the event of the client requesting for the RAW files, purchasing of that formats are allowed, total sum will be confirmed by THE LUXO and once agreed, RAW files are given after the client(s) made the payment.

In the event of the need to change the time, date and/or location, it is need to be mentioned and discussed 1 month before the scheduled session. Failure to comply, THE LUXO reserve the right to end the contract and not return the deposit.

All dealings in regard to the discussed package and respective price-list need to be finalized before proceeding with the deposit. Any add-on for extra work or additional package(s) on the day of the shoot is strictly not permitted unless agreed upon by THE LUXO beforehand. THE LUXO reserve the right to decline any additional last minute add on work or package. If THE LUXO decide to proceed, THE LUXO can quote any price not according to the pricelist and this need to be agreed and paid fully by the client(s) before proceeding. This will later be imposed on the invoice and receipt and need to be paid before receiving the total sum of all the deliverables.

We do not promise that all the services provided by THE LUXO will be free of any unexpected occurrence that may affected the session and post session. In addition to that, we do not make any guarantee of the content of our services and products. The clients will bare the responsibility fully of all the equipment used during the session and if there is any mishandling or some sort which may lead to the loss of function of said equipment.

In the event that happened unexpectedly that is outside of the control of THE LUXO (Example : Memory card and storage disk corrupted or failed), it is understood by all personnel involved especially the client's side, to be aware and agreed to bear the risk.